How should I use feedback?

When it comes to revision, many of the students we interviewed emphasized the importance of going to teachers and peers for feedback, critique, and ideas. Melissa, for example, talks about how her perspective on gaining feedback has changed since high school:

Certainly, many students have had different high school experiences, and other students may have gained much help from their high school teachers and peers. What we think is most interesting is how her approach to feedback has changed as she has matured as a writer. Consider: How do you approach feedback now? Is this different from at any point in your past?It is just as important to gain feedback as it is to know what to do with it once you have it. Josh talks about how there are “three different types of reviewers.” His ideas are helpful both for thinking about how to deal with feedback and how to be a good reviewer yourself:

A few questions for reflection:

  • What are the “three types of reviewers?” When you have given feedback in your past, which of Josh’s “categories” have you fallen into? What are your thoughts on this?
  • How might Josh’s ideas help you prioritize feedback you get from classmates?

Finally, a closing note from Zeinab about the role of instructors’ feedback.

BEFORE watching this video, ask yourself: How do you use instructors’ feedback? Do you change everything your instructor marks? Do you make changes beyond the suggestions of your instructor?

AFTER watching this video, ask yourself: What point does Zeinab make about the role of professors’ comments? Why is so many students’ “first instinct” to look at comments from the professor, and what is the danger in this approach according to Zeinab?


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