How should I manage my time?

Budgeting time and figuring out how long to spend on the process is one of the trickiest parts of revision, as all of the students we interviewed noted. These students talk about how long they spend on particular pieces of the process, how they know how long to spend on a paper, and how the length of a paper helps determine their revision schedule. Before you read any further, participate in our poll about time management in the writing process.

One thing all students emphasized was the importance of giving yourself adequate time for revision. As Shirley puts it:

Before you watch these writers talk more specifically about how they manage time, answer this question in your head: how long do you spend on revision? For a typical paper, how many drafts will you have? When do you get started, relative to the due date?

As you watch, compare what Hannah and Sylvia say about their use of time during the revision process.Do they draw similar conclusions about time management? How do they think about time similarly or differently?

After viewing the videos on this page, please answer the following question.


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