What’s the most important thing I should know about revision?

These students discuss the most important lessons they have learned about revision and writing in their college courses and from their experiences.

Consider for a moment what Meaghan says about the revision process “never really ending.” Why is this an important lesson for her to have learned? How do you imagine this realization has shaped her entire process? How might it shape your process?

Mike and Hannah say similar things, but in two different ways, about writing as being all about communication. When we write in the real world, we’re always writing for someone. When we keep that someone in mind, Hannah and Mike remind us, we engage in the revision process (and the writing process in general), much differently. Watch Hannah’s video first and listen to her story about her third grade student. Then watch Mike. How do these writers’ ideas converge? What do we learn from Hannah and Mike, taken together?

And a final takeaway from Sylvia, who talks about the most important thing she has learned about revision since coming to college:


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